If your sleep complaints do not respond satisfactorily to the treatment of your physician or pharmacist, or if concerns and questions about sleep persist, a somnological evaluation and consultation at our office for sleep and sleep-wake problems is recommended.


Covered are all sleep disorders, sleep complaints and sleep concerns. In other words, help is offered if your sleep is a reason for worries or is causing distress to you or your loved ones (e.g., difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, daytime sleepiness, fatigue, problems with the sleep-wake rhythm, snoring, and other troublesome sleep behaviors).


A systematic survey of all sleep-related information is of utmost importance in a sleep evaluation and somnological assessment, because this information serves as the basis for counseling and any diagnostic and therapeutic decisions. Diagnostic measuring devices worn on the finger or wrist are used for specific tests and sleep disorders in question.


If more detailed examinations are necessary for a reliable diagnosis, they will take place in a neighboring accredited center for sleep medicine. At our Somnologie & Schlafcoaching practice we only arrange examinations and tests that provide information relevant to the patient's condition.


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Consultations can take place in personal meeting on site or virtually via Zoom.

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