Frequent Questions


Are you concerned with one or more of the following questions about sleep? In our consultation you can find answers to your individual situation.

  • Am I sleeping enough?
  • Is my sleep quality good?
  • Should I take an afternoon nap?
  • Why can't I turn off my thoughts in bed?
  • How come I don't sleep all night?
  • What should I do when I lie awake at night?
  • Am I tired and exhausted because my sleep is not recuperative?
  • How am I supposed to cope with the day after a sleepless night?
  • Why am I not refreshed despite a long sleep?
  • Why am I fit at the wrong time of the day?
  • Do I have a sleep-related breathing disorder or another organic problem in my sleep?
  • Does my snoring affect the quality of my own sleep or the sleep of others?
  • Why can I be heard snoring even though I am awake?
  • How can I prevent annoying and confused behaviors in my sleep?
  • When should I sleep before athletic challenges?
  • Is my sleep in need of optimization?
  • Can I improve my sleep with exercise or diet?
  • What do recurring, scary, realistic or frequent dreams mean?


Inquiries and appointment

Consultations can take place in personal meeting on site or virtually via Zoom.

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